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Best of Flagstaff 2023 Winners Downtown Flagstaff

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Congratulations to all the Downtown Flagstaff businesses that were voted Best of Flagstaff 2023! 

Beauty & Fitness Favorites

The Foundry Flagstaff (1st) and Northern Arizona Yoga Center (2nd) were voted Best Yoga Studio. 

DLuxe Barber Shop (2nd) was voted Best Barbershop.

Wildflower Salon (1st) was voted Best Hair Salon. 

Northern Arizona Massage Therapy (2nd) was voted Best Massage Therapy. 

Flagstaff Tattoo Company (2nd) and Woody’s Old School Tattoos and Piercings (3rd) were voted Best Tattoo Studio. 

Favorite Drinks

Dark Sky Brewing Co. (1st), Mother Road Brewing Company (2nd), and Lumberyard Brewing Co. (3rd) were voted Best Brewery. 

Annex Cocktail Lounge (1st), Rendezvous (2nd), and Shift FLG (3rd) were voted Best Cocktail. 

Late for the Train was voted Best Coffee House (3rd) and Best Coffee Roaster (2nd). 

Yucca North (2nd) and Cocktail Lounge at the Monte Vista (3rd) were voted Best Dive Bar. 

Karma Sushi Bar & Grill (3rd) was voted Best Happy Hour. 

The Juice Pub & Eatery (1st) was voted Best Juice Bar/Smoothie. 

Dark Sky Brewing Co. (1st), Yucca North (2nd), and Annex Cocktail Lounge (3rd) were voted Best Overall Bar. 

Pay 'N Take Downtown Market (3rd) was voted best Sports Bar. 

Steep Leaf Lounge (1st) and Old Barrel Tea Company (3rd) were voted Best Tea Shop. 

Oeno Wine Lounge (1st) and FLG Terroir Wine Bar & Bistro (2nd) were voted Best Wine List. 

Favorite Foods

Fratelli Pizza (1st) and Lumberyard Brewing Co. (3rd) were voted Best Appetizer. 

Brandy’s Restaurant & Bakery (1st) and Mozelle’s Downtown Bakery (3rd) were voted Best Bakery. 

Dark Sky Beer Garden & Atmosphere Kitchen (2nd) and Lumberyard Brewing Co. (3rd) were voted Best Bar Food. 

Bigfoot BBQ (2nd) was voted Best Barbecue. 

Brandy’s Restaurant & Bakery (1st), MartAnne’s Breakfast Palace (2nd), and Toasted Owl Cafe (3rd) were voted Best Breakfast. 

Brandy’s Restaurant & Bakery (1st), Toasted Owl Cafe (2nd), and MartAnne’s Breakfast Palace (3rd) were voted Best Brunch. 

Diablo Burger (3rd) was voted Best Burger. 

The Sweet Shoppe Candy Store (1st) and Flagstaff Chocolate Company (2nd) were voted Best Candy Store/Chocolate Store. 

Nimarco’s Pizza (1st) and Fratelli Pizza (3rd) were voted Best Chicken Wings. 

Asia Station Cuisine (2nd) was voted Best Chinese. 

Proper Meats + Provisions (1st) was voted Best Deli Sandwich. 

Shift FLG (3rd) was voted Best Dessert. 

Fratelli Pizza (1st) and Nimarco’s Pizza (2nd) were voted Best Family Dining. 

Shift FLG (3rd) was voted Best Fine Dining. 

Fratelli Pizza (2nd) was voted Best Italian.

Karma Sushi Bar & Grill (1st) was voted Best Japanese. 

Hankerin’ (1st), Cornish Pasty Company (2nd), and Aloha Hawaiian BBQ (3rd) were voted Best Late Night. 

Fratelli Pizza (1st), and Brandy’s Restaurant & Bakery (2nd) were voted Best Lunch. 

MartAnne’s Breakfast Palace (2nd) was voted Best Mexican. 

Teatro Italian Food and Wine (2nd) was voted Best New Restaurant. 

Dark Sky Brewing Co. (1st) and Mother Road Brewing Company (2nd) were voted Best Outdoor Patio. 

Fratelli Pizza (1st) and Shift FLG (3rd) were voted Best Overall Restaurant. 

Fratelli Pizza (1st), Nimarco’s Pizza (2nd), and Pizzicletta (3rd) were voted Best Pizza. 

Fratelli Pizza (1st) was voted Best Salad. 

Karma Sushi Bar & Grill (1st) and Evans Fish & Chips (2nd) were voted Best Seafood. 

Tinderbox Kitchen (3rd) was voted Best Steak. 

Karma Sushi Bar & Grill (1st) was voted Best Sushi. 

Pato Thai Cuisine (1st), Swaddee Authentic Thai Cuisine (2nd), and Dara Thai (3rd) were voted Best Thai. 

Red Curry Vegan Restaurant (2nd) was voted Best Vegetarian/Vegan. 

Home Service Favorites

Realty Executives of Flagstaff (1st), and JBRE & Co. (3rd) were voted Best Real Estate Agency/Company. 

Services Favorites

Dark Sky Brewing Co. (1st), Mother Road Brewing Company (2nd), and Yucca North (3rd) won Best Bar Staff. 

Weatherford Hotel (2nd) and The Orpheum Theater (3rd) were voted Best Event Planning. 

Sutcliffe Floral (2nd) was voted Best Floral Delivery. 

Weatherford Hotel (3rd) was voted Best Hotel. 

Brandy's Restaurant & Bakery (1st) was voted Best Waitstaff. 

Shopping Favorites

Artists' Gallery (1st) and Shane Knight Gallery (3rd) were voted Best Art Gallery. 

Absolute Bikes (1st), Flag Bike Revolution (2nd), and Cosmic Cycles (3rd) were voted Best Bike Shop. 

Bright Side Bookshop (2nd) was voted Best Bookstore. 

Proper Meats + Provisions (1st) was voted Best Butcher. 

Shoes & Such (1st) and Rainbows End (3rd) were voted Best Clothing Boutique. 

Olive the Best Oils & Vinegars of Flagstaff (1st), Plantae (2nd), and Flagstaff General Store (3rd) were voted Best Gift Shop. 

Flagstaff General Store (2nd) was voted Best Home Decor. 

Arizona Music Pro (1st) was voted Best Music Store. 

Peace Outfitters (2nd) was voted Best Outdoor/Sporting Goods. 

Plantae (2nd) was voted Best Plant Nursery/Garden Center. 

FLG Terroir Wine Bar & Bistro (3rd) was voted Best Retail Wine Selection. 

Run Flagstaff (1st) and Shoes & Such (2nd) were voted Best Shoe Store. 


Other Favorites

The Orpheum Theater (2nd) and Yucca North (3rd) were voted Best Live Music Venue. 

Yucca North (1st) and The Orpheum Theater (2nd) were voted Best Nightlife. 

Flagstaff Public Library (3rd) was voted Best Public Service Provider.