The Clean Team Ambassadors


The Flagstaff Downtown Business Alliance Clean team started in 2016. With a small staff, we began sweeping up trash and picking up cigarette butts around the businesses in our district. The team was well received from the start. Here is an article on the Clean team in the Arizona Daily Sun.

We continue to evolve our program in response to the needs of our community. Not only is the team cleaning up around downtown, they answer questions and provide assistance to residents and visitors of downtown Flagstaff. Parking questions? No problem. Would you like an escort to the Visitor Center? We would be happy to. We do whatever we can to make peoples' days. We look forward to meeting you when you come visit us in Historic Downtown Flagstaff!


The Clean Team Ambassadors are dedicated to keeping the downtown area clean; sweeping sidewalks and alleys, cleaning the tops of the city trash and recycling bins, collecting micro-trash, and collaborating on special event clean-ups with community partners are regular parts of what we do. We are able to answer questions about anything and everything pertaining to downtown and the Flagstaff area. Whether it's finding the perfect spot to dine, shop, or explore the rich culture and history in Flagstaff, you can find it in downtown. Here at the Downtown Business Alliance we constantly strive to improve downtown interactions. The Clean Team Members are out and available to enhance the experiences of both tourists and residents of Flagstaff.

November 2018 Clean Team Ambassador Statistics

Days Made: 87

Library Books Stocked: 137

Block Faces Swept: 276

Alleyways Swept: 86

People Assisted: 44

Business Recommendations: 9

Trash Weight: 319.57

What We're Hearing

"The city looks really great."

"You are making a difference downtown."

"You are a gem."

"Downtown looks spotless."

"I have lived here for 40 years and downtown has never looked better. The Clean Team is paying off. "