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Clean Team Ambassadors

The Clean Team Ambassadors are dedicated to keeping the downtown area clean; sweeping sidewalks and alleys, cleaning the tops of the city trash and recycling bins, collecting micro-trash, and collaborating on special event clean-ups with community partners are regular parts of what we do. We are able to answer questions about anything and everything pertaining to downtown and the Flagstaff area. Whether it's finding the perfect spot to dine, shop, or explore the rich culture and history in Flagstaff, you can find it in downtown. Here at the Flagstaff Downtown Business Alliance, we constantly strive to improve downtown interactions. The Clean Team Ambassadors are out and available to enhance the experiences of both tourists and residents of Flagstaff.

January – June 2023 Clean Team Ambassador Statistics

Block Faces Swept: 1,836

Alleyways Swept: 435

People Assisted: 368

Business Recommendations: 128

Trash & Recycle Weight: 2,395.1 lbs

Trash Can Tops Cleaned: 702

Hours Spent on Snow Removal: 69.5