Flagstaff Downtown Business Improvement & Revitalization District (FDBIRD)

The Flagstaff Downtown Business Improvement & Revitalization District (FDBIRD) is a 20-block taxing district approved and funded by property owners within the FDBIRD boundaries to protect and enhance the vitality of our historic district.  Goals of the FDBIRD include facilitating and influencing parking management, increased advocacy, maintenance of public spaces and cultivating a more vibrant downtown.  The FDBIRD contracts with the Flagstaff Downtown Business Alliance (FDBA) to deliver the following enhanced services:

  • Clean Team Ambassador Program
  • Marketing
  • Placemaking
  • Parking Coordination
  • Advocacy
  • Signature Events – Movies on the Square, Locals’ Night and Holidays in Downtown
  • Business Outreach

Board of Directors

Dave Stilley, Chairman, Stilley Properties
Steve Chatinsky, Peace Surplus
Karen Kinne-Herman, Coast & Mountain
Jerry McLaughlin, Aspen Sports
John VanLandingham, Old Town Shops

Clerk: Stacy Saltzburg, clerk@downtownflagstaff.org
Treasurer: Brandi Suda, treasurer@downtownflagstaff.org

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2019 Election of the Board of Directors

Board Agendas / Minutes

District Budget