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Mocktails in Downtown Flagstaff

Category: Downtown Blog

Doing dry January? No alcohol, no problem! Check out all the restaurants and bars in Downtown Flagstaff that offer mocktails, and non-alcoholic options!

Oeno Wine Lounge offers three unique mocktails, the “Hestia”, “Atlas”, and “Artemis”. The “Hestia” has ritual NA tequila, agave, lime, and aquafaba. The “Atlas” includes strawberry, mint, lime, coconut water, ritual NA gin, and aquafaba. Watermelon, Giffard Noix de Coconut, Giffard NA Aperitif, rosemary, and lime make up the “Hestia”. Oeno’s sister restaurant, Shift FLG, also offers a non-alcoholic cocktail. The “Flightless Bird” includes NA spiced-rum and aperitif, lime, and pineapple. 

Check out the Zero Proof Libations at Beaver Street Brewery or Lumberyard Brewing Company! Enjoy NA beer with Athletic Brewing’s Free Wave Hazy IPA or Run Wild IPA, or enjoy NA Fre Sparkling Brut. Beaver Street Brewery and Lumberyard Brewing Company also offer three NA cocktails. The “No Paloma” consists of grapefruit juice, lime juice, agave, soda water, lemon-lime soda, and a tajin rim. Pineapple juice, lime juice, guajillo syrup, soda water, lemon-lime soda, and a tajin rim make up the “Chile-Pineapple Press”. The “Lemon Sage” includes muddled lemon, sage syrup, soda water, lemon-lime soda, and a salt rim. 

Annex Cocktail Lounge has the “Dry Spell” which uses NA tequila, balsamic, strawberry, cacao, lemon, tonic, and thyme. 

Cafe Stella Modern Italian has a non-alcoholic Stella Artois!

The Weatherford Hotel provides a mocktails section of its drink menu with the “Lock and Safe”, “Copper State”, and Bartender’s Choice. “Lock and Safe” includes sparkling cider, housemade blueberry syrup and lemon. Cara-Cara orange vanilla wbv, sage evoo, orange, and press make up the “Copper State”. You can also have the bartender make you a unique mocktail with seasonal ingredients! These drinks can be ordered at Charly’s Pub & Grill, Zane Grey Bar & Ballroom or The Gopher Hole Pub!

Try a coffee or botanical tea from Awa Kava Bar! Awa Kava offers non-alcoholic alternative coffees, teas,  and mixed drinks, see the full menu here!

Karma Sushi Bar Grill offers three non-alcoholic cocktails, the “Pineapple Basil Smash” “Rosemary Paloma”, and “Hibiscus Spritz”. “Pineapple Basil Smash” includes pineapple juice, muddled basil, and ginger beer. Grapefruit juice, Yuzu juice, rosemary syrup, and soda make up the “Rosemary Paloma”. “Hibiscus Spritz” includes hibiscus, lime, and soda!

Pizzicletta offers a Gruvi non-alcoholic lager! 

Uptown Pubhouse has three non-alcoholic beers, an Athletic Cerveza Athletica, Athletic Free Wave IPA, and a Guinness Zero. 

Let us know which mocktails are your favorite!