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Lisa Lamberson and Ben Shaffer are owners of Mountain Sports in Downtown Flagstaff. Mountain Sports has been in Flagstaff since 1980, and has been in the same downtown location for the past 17 years. Lisa and Ben have owned Mountain Sports for two years, and love the fact that their store is located in downtown. For them, downtown Flagstaff is the hub for locals and tourists alike, and the place where the most character from people exudes.

Mountain Sports was one of the last to arrive downtown when it came to outdoor stores. One of the main reasons why Lisa and Ben chose downtown was because of their partnership with Patagonia, and the fact that Mountain Sports has been carrying the Patagonia Brand since 1980. Lisa described how their store doesn’t only provide outdoor necessities, it is also a boutique that carries jewelry, scarves, and leather purses, which sets them apart from other outdoor shops downtown.

Lisa, Ben and their son Jack enjoy spending their days off downtown. They love the delicious food at Shift, and even go across the street afterwards to the Rendezvous Lounge located inside the Monte Vista Hotel. The main reason being that Jack loves their homemade pop tarts. For dinner, they love to enjoy family time at Lumberyard Brewing Company located right next to the train tracks. Not only do they love their amazing selection of food and drinks, Jack loves sitting outside on the patio and watching the train go by ever so often- a perfect way to spend the day in Downtown Flagstaff.


Shift FLG

107 N. San Francisco St

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100 N. San Francisco St

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Lumberyard Brewing Co.

5 S. San Francisco St

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