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Downtown Flagstaff Wine Guide

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If you're an avid wine aficionado and looking for a comfortable environment to enjoy a glass of wine, Downtown Flagstaff has a wonderful selection of lounges and restaurants with extensive selections of the best vinos.  

Oeno Wine Lounge has been open since 2021 and is a special scene that provides a relaxing and swanky environment as well as wines from California, Italy, New Zealand, Argentina, Washington, Oregon, and more. The knowledgeable and extremely hospitable staff, including a Sommelier, ensure you find the perfect pairing of wine that your taste buds are looking for while catering a memorable experience. Oeno is the perfect place to chat with old friends and connect with your community at this centrally located lounge on the corner of Birch and San Francisco! Not only does Oeno have delectable appetizers, charcuterie and more but you can order food from Shift, an amazing restaurant that focuses on locally driven menus, to enjoy alongside your wine! 

FLG Terrior emanates coziness from their upstairs wine bar and bistro. “Terroir” is a french word used to describe the origin and flavors of wine, this phrase refers to factors such as soil, terrain and the climate that give grapes their unique and distinctive flavors. The name is fitting for this location as they have a collection of over 500 labels from around the world for guests to choose from and bring home! Choose from their menu of small plates and shareable dishes to snack on as you and your friends enjoy quality time together playing games from their large game selection!

THAT Place Projects is a collection of restaurant concepts here in Flagstaff, Arizona. It stands as an acronym for their first three concepts; Tourist Home, Annex and Tinderbox. Teatro Italian Food and Wine has now joined this project as well as other concepts that can be read about on their website! With a Sommelier on their team their wine selections are sure to be top tier choices for you to pick from. Teatro is a local Italian restaurant with over 100 bottles of Italian wine to perfectly compliment your meal. This fine-dining experience allows you to indulge in locally sourced produce, imported ingredients from Italy and fresh Mediterranean seafood!

Tinderbox Kitchen is an exemplary modern American, fine dining establishment. The Chef de Cuisine, Joseph Elde Wickham, expertly combines classic American dishes with influence and flair from all over the world. This location is the perfect night out for an exquisite and adeptly plated dish with amazing service from skilled staff to ensure your food and wine pairings compliment each other flawlessly. 

Pizzicletta is a beloved local restaurant that serves wood-fired pizza and so much more. Their simple yet delightful menu includes starters such as rosemary focaccia, salumi with olives, unique pizzas including red and white sauce bases, house-made gelato and of course a beautifully balanced wine menu. Predominantly all wines on this list are natural and organic, these wines are known to be higher in antioxidants and other nutrients, leaving you with a healthier while still wildly delicious wine! These Italian wines are meant to pair perfectly with their woodfired pizzas and lighter fares. 

As the cold weather ensues warm up with an aromatic glass or two of wine from one, or all, of these local lounges and restaurants! Bring along a friend and discover a new favorite wine together, many of these locations have extensive collections of bottles to bring home as well!