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Some of Flagstaff's Best Hiking Trails

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Keep yourself moving this summer by going out on any of several incredible hiking trails located within Flagstaff! It is a free excursion everyone can enjoy; bring along your four-legged friends so they can participate in the fun as well.


Short and sweet is sometimes the name of the game. Buffalo Park Trail is a 2.2 mile loop that features beautiful flora and is good for every skill level. Dogs are welcome but must be kept on a leash. On this very relaxed hike you can clearly see the mountain and is a spectacular spot to take photos!


If you want to enjoy a little more diverse scenery but don’t want it to sap away all your energy then the Rio de Flag South Trail is the one for you. The trail is a 4 mile loop that will take you through different areas of pine trees and open land filled with flowers and other wildlife. For a quick ½ mile stroll, check out the Rio de Flag Nature Trail. It features a small river and bridge that’s great for taking your pets on a walk!


Perhaps you are looking to stay closer to the downtown area for your hike, well you’re in luck! There are two great options, Mars Hill Trail (3 miles out and back) and Observatory Mesa Trail (6.4 mile loop), on the northwest side of the greater downtown area. Mars Hill is located within a spectacular forest setting and is open to hiking and trail running all year round making it the perfect spot to visit. At Observatory Mesa, you’ll have the opportunity to see colorful wildflowers scattered across the forest floor as the sunlight cuts through the pine trees.


Schultz Creek Trail is an 8 mile out and back hiking trail that is popular with mountain bikers and trail running thanks to its long distance. Though it is a long hike, the path is easily navigated and panoramic scenery around every turn. You will see small seasonal ponds, fallen trees, giant boulders, and even some large wildlife may be out! Have your camera ready for this hike, it’s going to be worth the effort.


Take some time and hike the extraordinary 7.8 mile Pipeline Trail at Bushmaster Park! Your dog will absolutely love this hiking trail. You can walk, run, and even mountain bike along the trail while you look down over parts of Flagstaff. While you’re walking, keep an eye on the tree tops and listen close, you may encounter some unique birds!


Coming in at just around 5.5 miles, Campbell Mesa Loop is an easy loop trail located in Walnut Canyon. It is host to an incredible amount of wild flowers, animal wildlife, and other beautiful nature scenes. You may just be lucky enough to come across a cow grazing in the fields surrounding the trail. The Anasazi Trail is also located in Walnut Canyon with a 3 mile loop hike through the pine trees and fields of flowers.

Lockett Meadow is one of the most picturesque hikes in the Flagstaff area, especially during the fall months when the Aspen tree leaves change from green to gold. This slightly more challenging hike is short, only about 3.4 miles, and takes you through the inner basin where you come out at the base of the mountains. Dogs, mountain bikes, and trail runners from all around flock here to experience the beauty and spectacular views found at Lockett Meadow.