A Love for Bikes, Hikes, and Books

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A Love for Bikes, Hikes and Books

Amy McClelland is the General Manager at Bright Side Bookshop, and although she has only been in Flagstaff for about a year, she has quickly become a true local of Downtown Flagstaff. Originally from Oregon, Washington, Amy finished college and then came out to Flagstaff for the Arizona Conservation Corps. After her term there, she realized she loved Flagstaff too much to ever leave, so she had no choice but to stay!

Amy bounced around Flagstaff working various jobs, until fall 2018 when she got a job at Mountain Sports. She loves many different things about our charming Downtown. Amy says, “My favorite part about Downtown is that all the shops have something unique to offer. Flagstaff has a really awesome variety and we all make sure that if one store has a certain product, we offer something different. I also love how dog-friendly we are! Regular dogs know exactly where to go to get treats,” Downtown does have a great range of shopping options, and it is a very dog-friendly place- we love our furry friends!  

Flagstaff is just about perfect during any season but Amy recommends summer in Flagstaff, “Summer is my favorite season because I’m a warm weather person, and the weather here in the summer is unbeatable. I love swimming and hiking which is perfect in Flagstaff! But there is something to love about every single season here.”

As for food recommendations, Amy has two go-to places, “I would recommend Steep Leaf Lounge, it's my favorite tea store! I would also suggest Cornish Pasty since it is unique but still like comfort food, just it is in a different form. Plus they make the food fresh right there which is delicious.”

Next time you are planning a trip to Flagstaff, take Amy’s recommendations into consideration. Have some tea at Steep, enjoy the summer weather hiking the trails, and stop into Bright Side Bookshop to say hello to Amy!


Steep Fine Tea

1 E. Aspen Ave

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Cornish Pasty Company

26 S. San Francisco St

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