This is Belle! She is my sweetest girl and loves Aspen Corner walks!

This is Ellie! She loves cuddles and long naps!!

This is Baxter, he is a rescue from High Country Humane and he has NEVER met a stranger! Love for everyone is his motto!

This is Roger, Roger loves running in tall grass and laying with his paws crossed

This is Tessa, age 14, rockin' her halloween costume. She's so excited!

This is Bentley! He loves cuddles, belly rubs, and his tennis ball!

This is daisy. She is my sweetheart and her favorite movie is "Coco".

This is Maizey! She loves hiking and watching/ chasing all of the falling leaves during this time of year!

This is Riley! She enjoys long walks and laying in piles of leaves.

This is Saul, as in Better Call Saul. I was my dad’s birthday present and we love to go on walks together.

This Ava, Ava loves to sleep on her back!

Hello my name is Akai. I love watching the leaves fall around Flagstaff. I’m full grown and weigh under twenty pounds, so everyone thinks I’m a puppy forever.

This is October for Jo! She loves mountain climbing and re-enacting her favorite Disney movies (The Lion King.)

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