Meet Lady. She is a Jack Russel / Border Terrier mix (with a little bit of mutt). She’s a rescued street dog through and through. Loves living the lounge life, but still feels her roots deeply when she gets an opportunity to steal food. Hiking is her second favorite pass time after stealing food.

Everyone meet Cheddar Fox. Welsh Corgi. Cheddar will do anything for food, and she really likes mommy’s left shoes.

My name is Luna and one my favorite thing is hanging out downtown with my parents!

Ellie! English Bulldog! Ellie loves belly rubs and long naps!!

Meet Shane, the adventure dog from the res that loves spending his time hiking the peaks in Northern Arizona and catching up with his buds (doggo and human) at the breweries downtown!

Bentley! Golden Retriever! Bentley loves snuggles and playing with the tennis ball!!

Meet Bailey! She is a Zuchon, they are considered “designer dogs”. Her favorite thing to do is go to the park.

This Maddie the Adventure Dog! Maddie never misses a day on the trails around town!

This is Parker! Breed unknown. Parker loves the outdoors and is a regular at fat man's loop, buffalo park, and the bars downtown

Meet Riley, she is a beagle heeler mix! She loves taking long hikes in the forest and when the weather warms up she loves to paddle boarding with me.

This is Roxie! Her favorite treat is sweet potato and her favorite place to nap is on your lap!

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