Milo (aka Miloman, aka Downtown Milobrown. This little man had spinal surgery in 2017, which made him a little cranky, but he’s still plugging along on hikes and camping trips. His FAVORITE activity is strolling downtown with mom and dad to scope out all the action (which sometimes makes him tired

Bear (@bluemerlebear), loves to hike and play outdoors, especially in the snowy woods surrounding beautiful Flagstaff. He also enjoys making new friends out on the patios at Mama Burger and Fratelli Pizza, two of his favorite spots.

Hi my names Jojo and I love people, and downtown Flagstaff. You can usually find me at the local dog friendly hot spots like Hops on Birch!

This baby girl loves to camp at the Edge of the World campgrounds. Taking a walk to greet every shop in downtown Flagstaff is one of her favorite activities! She enjoys getting any lovies that she from people walking by, and visiting her dad and myself at work at NiMarcos! She is always the happiest pup and a frequent nap taker!

They both love taking trips to Lake Mary. Dozer will fetch his frisbee all day and Stella goes after any stick or chase her big brother.

Finley feels the need to ALWAYS carry around a pillow with him. He has a few different pillows of his own, so when one needs washing he's never without one. When we lived downtown he loved to stand up at the waist high wood fence & wait for people to pet him, he would stand up on the fence with his front legs and hop to where he saw people to get them to pet him & talk to him.

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